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We used Scott Bennett to help us buy our first house and I am not sure we could have done it without him! Our house was a bank foreclosure so the path to homeownership was filled with bumps and unexpected surprises. Since it was our first time buying a house we really relied on Scotts expertise and  reassurances to keep up optimistic during the process. Whenever a new form from the bank had to be signed or new information arrived... Scott was on it and getting us everything we needed to succeed! That was a year ago and we are so happy in our new home!! 

- Meghan Cavaliero

We highly recommend the services of Scott Bennett. With home listings easily accessible via the internet, any buyer can look at pictures of homes online and have a good idea of what is on the market without ever speaking to a realtor. Scott Bennett gave us information that wasn't available on the  MLS. Born and raised in Telluride, his family here for generations, Scott knows everybody in Telluride and everything about Telluride. His inside knowledge was crucial before, during, and after the sale. Scott was extremely patient with us. We spent 6 months and looked at 35 homes before we finally bought one. However, Scott did so much more than show us homes. Telluride is a complex real estate market, with many different rules and restrictions for the different neighborhoods, and Scott helped us sort out those unexpected complications- such as what areas allow homeowners to have dogs or fencing, for example. During the sales transaction itself, he knew all the “players” and helped us reach a satisfactory conclusion. Most importantly, once the sale was done, he was able to put us in touch with the best contractors and suppliers. His “old-time locals” credibility made it possible for us to get work done on our new home in a much more timely, reasonably priced manner than we could have on our own. In short, Scott is a valued realtor not just for his services during the buying process, but afterwards as well.

- Melissa Cooney

My experience in purchasing a home in Telluride was exemplary because of Scott's knowledge and experience. I have purchased homes in the past and never experienced the high level of attentiveness and professionalism that I did with Scott. His knowledge of the region is extensive, having lived his  entire life here. I highly recommend his services to anyone interested in purchasing or selling property in the Telluride region.


- Beth Galleger

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